This New Orleans artist is the next big deal in the art world, and you heard it here first, folks. I met Holly Mabry Poole at High Point Market in April. My Mom was the one who spotted her work through another showroom, and she immediately asked if we could go check it out once we were done. We took two steps into the showroom and were in awe of her beautiful pieces - we would have taken at least one home with us, but most of them had already sold! After chatting with Holly for a few minutes, I knew that I had to feature her in our art shop. We love Holly's work and feel honored to have such a talented artist on our site. 


Holly is a New Orleans native. She attended the University of Mississippi and is a graduate of Louisiana State University. She earned her master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology and is currently employed as a full-time speech therapist for Affiliated Rehab, but she enjoys painting on the side.

 Four Unframed


“Art is my way of escaping the craziness of life and getting zoned into my passion of painting.”


Holly has always had a lifelong passion for painting and interior design.  As a self-taught artist, Holly draws inspiration from the natural environment and the love and support from her family and friends.  Each layer of her designs portrays Holly’s optimistic outlook on life through the use of diverse textures, shapes, and colors.  Her signature gold leaf and bold gold stripes on the side of each painting makes each piece original. 


Framed 4                       Framed3


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August 02, 2016 — Heloise McKee
Tags: Art Shop