A well-decorated life is always a work in progress.

At Mintwood Home our products are hand selected by our lead designer, Heloise Mitchell.

See what our customers have to say
“After communicating with customer service, I decided to purchase some bedding that was backordered
but due back in stock within the month. I appreciated knowing what to expect up front and didn’t mind
waiting. Judy kept me in the loop and let me know both personally and with an automated email when
my order shipped. The bedding is exactly what we needed to complete our guest room!”
“Hands down the best customer service! I had a million questions about a mirror I liked, and the
customer service team made sure I got answers to every single one. They even got me the
measurements between the D-Rings so I could make sure I could hang the mirror in my spot. That
personalized service is so rare these days, it really made me feel that my order was important to them.”
“I had my eye on a lamp for several months and was tracking its price on a couple different websites
during that time. Luckily Mintwood Home had a fabulous sale and I was able to grab it for a song. The
lamp arrived well-packaged and within the given timeframe. You never know how an online purchase
will go so I was very please to have a smooth transaction.”

Mintwood Home Lead Designer Heloise Mitchell

Mintwood Home is also a full service boutique interior design firm located in Alexandria, Virginia. Our services extend beyond Virginia and we have projects across the country. All of our products are handpicked from Heloise's experience designing beautiful homes for her clients!