Double Intaglio Off Center Framed Art

$ 190.00


One of Mintwood Home's best sellers. These unique, meticulously crafted intaglios feature figures hand engraved into stone. Each intaglio panel is made to order and is customizable to your specific needs. Each intaglio panel can be customized in the following ways. 

Frame: Please write in the number of the frame below in the box.  If multiple sizes are available please use the drop down menu to select the size you would like. Frame options on shown in photos to the left.  

Mats: There are six different mats for you to choose from that can be layered to your preference. Please use the boxes to write in which mat you would like on the bottom with the intaglios placed on as well as the top mat. For reference, the first intaglio panel features a portrait white with a V groove. Please note if you would like the V mat grove on your piece you must write that in the box below. 

When ordering multiple pieces, we will use different intaglios on each piece. 

Due to the custom nature of this piece, this product is not returnable and can only be canceled within 24 hours of order placement.  Lead time is up to 8 weeks.

Dimensions: 12" x 16", 16" x 20" x 20"x 24"