Klover Chandelier

Klover Chandelier


The shape of the thin metal band scalloping along the bottom of the Klover Chandelier gives this eight-bulb fixture its name. Each time the clover shape widens, it is set with a bobeche holding white candlesticks topped with bulbs. Included with this fixture are white, clear and gold bobeches (Gold version also comes with black) for a change in mood. An ornamented orb at the fixture’s apex holds the chains that support the ring in the perfect clover shape when seen from below. 


Dimensions: 30"H x 38"W



Cord length 7'

60W (8 candelabra bulbs)


Gold expected back in stock 3/20/2020 

Made by: Aidan Gray

Mintwood Home

Klover Chandelier

Price: $1,320.00