Mina Bin

Mina Bin


Make a storage style statement with this durable woven cotton bin. Featuring a polka dot print that pops against a white background, this storage bin is durable enough to haul bed and bath linens, clothing and accessories, and even toys, yet pretty enough to display in your bedroom, bathroom, or kids' rooms. 

Dimensions and Details:
    • 13" x 12"
    • Screen printed
    • Circular bin with 1 seam and built-in handles

Materials: 100% Cotton

Care: Brush off excess dust or dirt. Gently spot clean affected areas with a dry to lightly damp cloth only; use mild soap if needed. Do not machine wash or immerse in water as it will cause the bin to lose its stiffness and outer appearance.

Made by: Dash & Albert

Mintwood Home

Mina Bin

Price: $60.00