Rosebud Buffet Lamp

Rosebud Buffet Lamp


How can a daintily scaled table lamp pack a stylistic punch? Our Rosebud table lamp with a slim stem that rises from a minimalist base knows. It is adorned with an ornate flourish that mimics gilded bronze artistry of the Rococo era, though it is carved from wood in a gold leaf finish. The accent is so cleverly placed it feels right at home on this modern light fixture. The lamp is fitted with an oval painted gray shade that is narrow, which means it can be placed closer to the wall than rotund shades would allow.


Dimensions: 40.5"H x 12"W



Shade color - gray

Clear cord cover

Cord length 7'


Made by: Aidan Gray


Mintwood Home

Rosebud Buffet Lamp

Price: $297.00