We are excited to finally be back blogging again! While it may seem like blogging has gone a bit by the wayside with all the easy swipe up links available across social media platforms, we here at Mintwood Home still think it is a great way to provide research and help clients navigate and inspire certain areas in interior design. So, without further ado, we are kicking off our return by talking about one of our very favorite patterns: Colefax and Fowler’s Bowood by Cowtan and Tout. Lucky for you, you can purchase the beautiful Bowood pattern on our website as fabric, wallpaper, or our gorgeous designer pillows.

This classic British print has actually been around since the 1938! As the story goes, the Bowood House, EnglandBowood pattern was discovered at the Bowood House in Wiltshire, England by John Fowler. The Bowood pattern we see today is in fact a rendition of a pattern of a scrap of fabric dating back to the mid nineteenth century that hefound at the house. When looking at the Bowood House, I think I need to move right in! Who’s with me?

I have always been very attracted to the Colefax & Fowler Bowood pattern. First off, there is a lot of versatility in the four color ways - silver leaf, Bowood Wallpaperpink leaf, blue grey, and green grey. I have enjoyed adding a little pink leaf Bowood pattern in a few girls rooms over the past few years. When I’m looking for a more mature look, I love alternating between the silver leaf and green grey in a dining or bedroom as seen below. The blue grey Bowood pattern has also made many clients happy throughout different areas of their homes. It really just works with so many styles and settings. So again the versatility and femininity yet sophistication is really what draws me back to my beloved Bowood.


If you take a look at the Cowtan and Tout website, you can find the inventive ways other designers have incorporated the Bowood fabric in to their works – such as panels on a door, an ottoman and a pillow with blue cheetah on one side and the blue Bowood on another. Do I need to stress again the endless possibilities with this fabric?!
Mark D Sikes

And now that you have all this inspiration, your design ideas (like mine) can be endless - need a little Bowood chair to accent that pillow? Or some Bowood fabric as draperies? You can easily order it here. Want a pop of pattern on your bed? Add a pillow. Looking to freshen up your powder room but want to keep it classic? Start with wallpaper.

If you need me, I’ll just be here dreaming of more ways to incorporate the Bowood pattern and imagining that I’m living at the Bowood house — instead of currently cleaning up a fun science experiment my oldest tried without supervision.


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