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Welcome to a world where craftsmanship meets sustainability, and style blends seamlessly with eco-consciousness. In this blog post, we invite you to explore the exquisite designs and superior quality of Mainly Baskets, one of Mintwood Home's esteemed vendors. With their commitment to handcrafted creations and sustainable materials, Mainly Baskets offers a range of products that effortlessly elevate any home decor.

Mainly Baskets Products

While Mainly Baskets is, of course, mainly baskets, they also have a ton of other high quality products that go perfect in any home! 


Of course we will start with baskets! MB's baskets are some of our best selling and most in demand products. They are perfect for any variety of home storage, and look amazing doing it. These are the types of baskets that you'll pass down to your children. 


Mainly Basket's tables are some of the most beautiful products we offer. Their stunning weave rattan design will be a centerpiece and incredible addition to any room. 


Mainly Baskets lamps are a perfect addition to a bedside table or living room side table. These stylish lamps go beyond traditional home design with their natural look and fun geometry. 

Tree Collars

When you're in the mood to start decorating the Christmas Tree, make sure you bust out the Mainly Baskets tree collar first! Their natural looking tree collars look incredible as a base for your tree, and will set your decorations up for success from the ground up (literally). 

Dog Bed

While there is only one of them, less is more in this case! The Vineyard's dog bed is a perfect addition for the stylish dog owner, and will give your pet the throne that they deserve to nap on. 

Why Mainly Baskets?

Handcrafted Designs

Mainly Baskets prides itself on the artistry and attention to detail that goes into every piece. From the intricate weaves to the meticulously crafted shapes, their handcrafted designs truly stand out. Take, for example, the Rectangular Rush Basket—a versatile storage solution that combines functionality with rustic charm. Or the Scalloped Console, a statement piece that adds elegance to any entryway or living space. Each product showcases the expert craftsmanship that Mainly Baskets is known for.

Sustainable Materials

In a world increasingly concerned with environmental impact, Mainly Baskets takes pride in using sustainable materials. Their commitment to eco-friendly practices is evident in every product they create. By choosing Mainly Baskets' pieces, you're not just investing in beautiful home decor; you're making a conscious choice to support a more sustainable future.

Variety of Styles

Mainly Baskets understands that every home has a unique personality. That's why they offer a wide range of styles to suit diverse tastes. Whether your decor leans towards coastal elegance, modern minimalism, or traditional charm, Mainly Baskets has something for everyone. Consider the Whitehaven Table Lamp—a stunning combination of natural textures and contemporary design that effortlessly brightens up any space. And for your furry companions, the Vineyard's Dog Bed offers both comfort and style, ensuring that even their space is beautifully curated.

High-Quality and Durability

Investing in high-quality, durable pieces is essential for creating a home that stands the test of time. Mainly Baskets understands this, which is why they consistently deliver products of exceptional quality. Each item is crafted with precision and care, ensuring longevity and enduring beauty. When you choose Mainly Baskets, you're investing in pieces that will be cherished for years to come.

In conclusion, Mainly Baskets offers timeless elegance for your home decor needs. With their commitment to handcrafted designs, sustainable materials, a variety of styles, and impeccable quality, they stand out as a brand dedicated to creating beautiful and lasting pieces. Explore their collection and discover the unparalleled charm that Mainly Baskets brings to every home.

December 30, 2023 — Heloise Mitchell

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