This week, we could not be more excited to introduce you to the very talented Megan Carn!

Her love for life and all things color are captivating, and her prints and original pieces make the perfect gift for the holidays (for a friend, sister, or yourself)! 



Q and A with Megan:

Where are you from?

I am from the tiny, tiny town of Saint Matthews, South Carolina! It is a quiet place right in between Columbia and Charleston. As of January, I'll be living in Columbia!


How do you describe your style of painting?

I am classic, preppy, and I try to be chic when I can... try is a key word there. 


What are your biggest inspirations for your art?

I am inspired by so many things-- fashion, color, nature, almost anything that grabs my attention is fair game. Artists I love: Juniper Briggs, Chad Schoon, Kate Mullin, Susan Skelley, Kate Lewis. Oh, and my first major art crush, Michelle Armas! 


Did you study art and if so, where?

I was a studio art major at Presbyterian College- it is a fabulous, small liberal arts school in the upstate of South Carolina.


Where does your passion for art come from? 

I've always been a "maker" and I love color! Both of my parents always encouraged me to be creative, and I took it from there.


What is the purpose behind your art?

I love making happy art- I want for people to look at my work and feel like smiling or think to themselves, "Wow, look at those colors!" Also, I like the thought of helping make someone's house a home, brightening a space or making it more cozy. I try to always portray a light, whimsical feeling of joy in my art. 



What’s your favorite Mintwood Home product?

I have a hard time picking just one... I love the little gold elephant accent, the gold rimmed ice bucket.. the white pineapple.. the entire art section...


What do you like to listen to while your painting?

This is a fabulous question! I have the craziest taste in music (crazy because it ranges so widely.) I listen to whatever my playlist is at the time- right now it is the new T-Swift album, a little Civil Wars, Michael Buble, Sister Hazel Christmas, Beyoncé, Ben Rector, and a few Jeremih songs. 


Favorite art museum? 

I love the MoMA, of course, and I love the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC too. And the Columbia Museum of Art, a little closer to home!


Advice to other aspiring artists/creative students?

You have to be willing to put yourself out there.. Really reaching out to people and making a network. You might have a great concept, but if no one knows about it, you have an issue. It is very hard work!


What is your dream project?

To do a show that features a series of large animals in navy and gold or black and gold that I selll out of! Or to paint something for Beyoncé. (I'll settle for any other celebrity though.)



November 26, 2014 — Lucia McKnight