At Mintwood Home, we understand decorating your home can be an overwhelming and lengthy process.  We have all looked around our home and know we want to update the feel but aren't sure where to start.  One easy and affordable way to dramatically change the aesthetic of your home without buying all new furniture is through the use of accent pillows - it's why the foundation of Mintwood Home started with finding a way to give you access to delicious custom made pillows in designer fabrics!  That said, we want to start doing a better job of providing informative and inspiring ways to decorate with our pillows so from now on, our Fabric Friday posts will provide details on our pillows and pillow making process with visual mood boards and how-tos mixed in. Please leave comments below if there is anything in particular you'd like to see us touch on in these posts! Today, we're excited to share some helpful hints when it comes to "dressing" the cornerstone of your living room, the sofa. xo


Sofa via Ikea | All pillows via Mintwood Home

September 18, 2015 — Caroline Lawler