Blue & White, Done Totally Right

Blue & White, Done Totally Right

Certain things, they just don’t go out of style. Classic blue and white décor has stood the test of time, since Chinese porcelain used for decoration made its debut in the 14th century. (That’s 700 years, y’all). We’re giving tips on blue and white décor and how to add them into your home.


  1. Wallpaper

In the bedroom, powder room, living area—we’ve been spending lots of time swooning over blue and white wallpaper samples lately. Wallpaper makes such a statement and is a classy and elegant way to add color to your space. Sidenote: Our founder, Heloise, recently wallpapered her bathroom in classic blue and white, and we are low-key obsessed. Check out our Instagram for recent photos.

(Image: Fresh Design Pedia)

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  1. Ginger Jars

If you’ve spent any time on our site, you may have noticed our love for ginger jars. On bookshelves, on the floor—can’t stop, won’t stop. Group these eye-catching beauties on the floor or table or use them to as accent pieces. I think our favorite way is as a floral vase. Try some blue or white hydrangeas. *Swoon*.

(Image: Tobi Fairley)


(Image: South Shore Decorating Blog)

PS – We love this fun blue and white and animal print combo. Check out our favorite animal print pillow here.

(Image: One Kings Lane)

(Image: Decor Pad)            

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  1. Rugs

There’s nothing quite like a great blue and white rug. Find the perfect one, then keep the rest of the décor simple and classy. We love a blue and white rug paired with a gold coffee table. Can it get much more gorgeous?

(Image: Decor Pad)

PS – Looking for a gorgeous coffee table to complement that new rug? We can help. This one is a favorite.

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  1. Lamps

We love the way a lamp can add a bold pop of color. Try bold blues, classy whites, or blue and white patterns to bring style to your bedside or side table.

(Image: Tobi Fairley)

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  1. Bedding

Looking for simple and easy ways to refresh your bedroom? New bedding, please. This blue and white cool color combination will transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

(Image: Citrine Living)

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  1. Pillows

Pillows—they’re kind of (totally) our thing. Add them to the couch, chairs, your bed. And, you’re in luck—we make them completely custom, utterly fit for your space. Design your own, here.


(Image: Euro Home Style)

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Fabric Friday: The Pink Playbook

Fabric Friday: Mint & Gold

Mint & Gold is a color combo near-and-dear to our hearts here at Mintwood Home, obviously. The Brookhaven fabric by Kravet was one of the first fabrics that we picked for our design your own pillow section, back in February! Needless to say, it's one of our favorites and has since become a best seller. It's a fabric that goes well in any room of the home and we like it best paired with neutral creams and whites for a softer look. We've hand picked a few of our favorite mint and gold accents that can go a long way to keep your space feeling minty fresh! 

Shop the look:

Fabric Friday: Picking Fabrics for Your Space

Pairing fabrics can feel a little overwhelming—we hear you.  In honor of our first Fabric Friday, we thought it would be fun to walk you through our first Mintwood Home project, picking fabrics for pillows to go on founder Heloise’s new bed. After making our initial fabric swatch selections at the Washington Design Center, we came home, poured ourselves a big glass of red wine and laid all of our new fabric swatches out on the floor.


Here's our advice: 

If you're looking for pillows, as Heloise was, decide on the quantity and sizes that you want before you begin looking at fabrics. 

Many times the size of your pillows will dictate your fabric choices. For example, larger prints don't always translate well on smaller pillow sizes. For Heloise, she was looking to make two euro shams and two standard shams for her queen size bed.


Think about what you're working with.

How many times have you seen a fabric and questioned whether it will actually look good with something you already have? We do this all the time. Sometimes it’s easier to break it down. In Heloise’s case, she was working with:

  1.   A charcoal velvet headboard with silver nail-heads
  2.   A white matelassé/coverlet and duvet


Be practical. Where are these fabrics going? What do you do in this room? What do you want the mood/tone of your space to feel like?

Heloise: The bedroom in my new apartment is really small (which I actually love) and it has great natural light. I wanted the colors and patterns on my bed to feel airy and calm—something that looks put together but comfortable. I love a good nap and need my bed to be something I want to crawl into.


Go with your gut. Which fabrics speak to you? Think colors and patterns. What colors do your eyes automatically gravitate toward?

Heloise: With all the fabric swatches laid out on the floor, I kept coming back to the blues and greys. I picked two patterns—Zdenka by Kravet for my Euro Shams and Pumice by Duralee for my two standard shams. I love how the larger floral pattern on my Euros grounds the smaller scale pattern on the standard shams in front, and the greys in both fabrics really complement each other.  I decided to add the white boudoir pillow as a fun way to add a crisp pop, to me it ties everything together. 


Heloise's Fabric Choices  

The Finished Look


At the end of the day, there really is no secret formula to mixing and matching fabrics. We are big believers in going with what you love.  If you decide to design your own Mintwood Home pillow(s), don't forget, we're here to help and we love hearing from you!