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Ah, the timeless allure of blue and white! It's a classic color combination that never fails to capture the essence of tranquility, sophistication, and coastal charm. Whether you dream of creating a serene oasis or want to infuse your space with a breath of fresh air, the blue and white duo is here to sweep you off your feet. And guess what? Mintwood Home has an incredible selection of products that will help you achieve that coveted blue and white aesthetic effortlessly. So, let's dive right in and explore the wonderful world of designing with blue and white, with a little help from our friends at Mintwood Home!

Setting the Foundation with Furniture

When it comes to incorporating blue and white into your design, starting with furniture is a game-changer. Picture this: a beautiful blue sectional sofa as the centerpiece of your living room, surrounded by crisp white accent chairs and a stylish coffee table. Mintwood Home's collection provides an array of furniture pieces in various shades of blue and white, allowing you to find the perfect balance for your space. Remember, it's all about creating a harmonious foundation to build upon.

Three of Mintwood's favorite couches all would work great for a white and blue color scheme - the Worlds Away Rex Sofa in Blue, the Worlds Away Caroline Sofa, and the Worlds Away Daphne Sofa are all amazing candidates for designing with blue and white. 

Layering with Luxurious Textiles

Now, let's add layers of comfort and style with textiles. Throw pillows, blankets, and area rugs are your secret weapons to infuse blue and white into every nook and cranny of your home. Mintwood Home offers an exquisite selection of pillows, from bold patterns to delicate embroidery, all embracing the beautiful blue and crisp white palette. Add a cozy blue and white striped blanket, or opt for a stunning blue and white area rug to tie the room together. The possibilities are endless, and the result is pure coastal elegance.

For white and blue textiles, look no further than the Les Touches Cadet Blue Brunschig & Fil Pillow, the Herringbone Woven Cotton Rug, or the Blue Denim Herringbone Throw

Accessories that Make a Splash

It's time to accessorize! Small decor items and accessories can make a big impact when it comes to blue and white design. Give your space a nautical vibe with charming blue and white coastal-themed art pieces or beautiful ceramic vases. Mintwood Home's collection of ginger jars and ceramic bowls in shades of blue and white are delightful additions that bring a touch of elegance and whimsy to any room. Oh, and don't forget about the power of blue and white striped curtains or patterned roman shades - they'll bring that perfect pop of personality to your windows!

Mintwood Home has a plethora of blue and white decor that will tickle your fancy - some of our favorites are the Villa & House Hatch Vase, Paule Marrot's Fleur D' Oiseaux, or our Blue and White Bowl

Illuminating with Blue and White Lighting

Let's not underestimate the power of lighting in creating ambiance and showcasing your blue and white design. Explore Mintwood Home's selection of blue and white lamps, chandeliers, and sconces to brighten your space in style. A simple white lamp with a blue patterned shade can transform a side table into a captivating focal point, while a chic blue and white chandelier sets the stage for a dramatic dining experience. Let there be light, and let it enchant with blue and white elegance.

There's no shortage of amazing blue and white lighting at Mintwood! For a lighting you can't go wrong with the Christie Lamp, the Miriam and Marin Metal Lantern, or the Navy Blue Mollie Pendant with Gold Accents

Designing with blue and white is like embarking on a peaceful journey to coastal bliss. From the furniture that sets the foundation to textiles, accessories, and lighting, Mintwood Home has a plethora of blue and white offerings that will help you create a space that exudes serenity and charm. So, my design-savvy friend, dive into the blue and white paradise, and let Mintwood Home be your guide as you transform your home into a haven of coastal elegance. Your own mini vacation awaits!

November 28, 2023 — Heloise Mitchell

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