Velvets. They have been called a lot of names over the years, but we think that they're pretty awesome and want to set the record straight. 
While velvet might seem like an intimidating fabric to bring into your home it can also be the simplest decision when it comes to layering fabrics or adding that pop of color. We think that layering a solid velvet pillow behind your patterned pillow is a classic and timeless look. Some might ask, “Isn’t velvet a winter fabric?” - we're here to tell you that anyone who told you this is a liar! Velvets are great for year-round decorating, they're soft and add a subtle textural element to a space.


Here is our mood board to inspire you to think about adding velvets to your own home!


It's a good thing that you have the full scoop on velvets because Mintwood Home now offers them in our design your own pillow shop in a variety of colors to suit your home. 


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November 14, 2014 — Heloise McKee