Last week we teamed up with the lovely and ever so talented ladies of Sweet Root Village for a mini flower arranging workshop. We are constantly in awe of Lauren and Rachel and everything they do and have accomplished. Excuse us while we gush a little, but every time we have the chance to work or meet with these two, we leave feeling inspired, more knowledgeable and more confident than we were before. Who wouldn't want to hang out with two people who make you feel like that?!


Getting to spend an entire morning learning tips from these pros on how to design the perfect flower arrangement in our fave ginger jars and chit-chatting about life, work and everything in between was pretty great, not going to lie. We're so excited to be able to give you a little peek into the workshop and share a few things we learned along the way. And of course, we owe a big thank you to Lauren and Rachel for having us! XO


Once the stem of a flower has been cut, it should go directly into the water. If a stem is out of water for too long, the end will "scab" making it nearly impossible to absorb the water it needs. If you periodically trim the stems of the flowers in your arrangement, they will last longer! 


Always remove unnecessary leaves from the flowers stem. Unless they contribute to the arrangement, they're just taking water and energy away from the flower itself. 




If a bloom such as a rose or peony has brown (bruised) outer petals, it doesn't necessarily mean that the flower is dead and it's ok to gently remove them. These outer petals serve as protection to the inner petals during transport!


Before cutting each stem, hold it up to the vase you're using to determine how long or short it should be. It's ok to play it safe by trimming a little bit off at a time until you get it just right! 


The rule of thirds applies to flower arranging too! And in general, groupings of flowers in threes or odd numbers are found to be more attractive to the eye. 


Add greenery last and at the bottom of the arrangement.


Set up a mirror on the other side of the room to keep an eye on your arrangement as you're working. The mirror allows you to see the entire arrangement and easily identify holes or places that need to be edited or tweaked while you work! Lauren's grandmother taught her this trick and we thought it was pretty genius. 


There you have it. We hope this inspires you to pick up some blooms the next time you're out and give arranging them in a unique vase a whirl! 


Photo Credit: Sweet Root Village


July 28, 2015 — Caroline Lawler