Blue & White, Done Totally Right

Blue & White, Done Totally Right

Certain things, they just don’t go out of style. Classic blue and white décor has stood the test of time, since Chinese porcelain used for decoration made its debut in the 14th century. (That’s 700 years, y’all). We’re giving tips on blue and white décor and how to add them into your home.


  1. Wallpaper

In the bedroom, powder room, living area—we’ve been spending lots of time swooning over blue and white wallpaper samples lately. Wallpaper makes such a statement and is a classy and elegant way to add color to your space. Sidenote: Our founder, Heloise, recently wallpapered her bathroom in classic blue and white, and we are low-key obsessed. Check out our Instagram for recent photos.

(Image: Fresh Design Pedia)

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  1. Ginger Jars

If you’ve spent any time on our site, you may have noticed our love for ginger jars. On bookshelves, on the floor—can’t stop, won’t stop. Group these eye-catching beauties on the floor or table or use them to as accent pieces. I think our favorite way is as a floral vase. Try some blue or white hydrangeas. *Swoon*.

(Image: Tobi Fairley)


(Image: South Shore Decorating Blog)

PS – We love this fun blue and white and animal print combo. Check out our favorite animal print pillow here.

(Image: One Kings Lane)

(Image: Decor Pad)            

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  1. Rugs

There’s nothing quite like a great blue and white rug. Find the perfect one, then keep the rest of the décor simple and classy. We love a blue and white rug paired with a gold coffee table. Can it get much more gorgeous?

(Image: Decor Pad)

PS – Looking for a gorgeous coffee table to complement that new rug? We can help. This one is a favorite.

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  1. Lamps

We love the way a lamp can add a bold pop of color. Try bold blues, classy whites, or blue and white patterns to bring style to your bedside or side table.

(Image: Tobi Fairley)

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  1. Bedding

Looking for simple and easy ways to refresh your bedroom? New bedding, please. This blue and white cool color combination will transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

(Image: Citrine Living)

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  1. Pillows

Pillows—they’re kind of (totally) our thing. Add them to the couch, chairs, your bed. And, you’re in luck—we make them completely custom, utterly fit for your space. Design your own, here.


(Image: Euro Home Style)

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Fall Pop-Up Shop | Charlotte, NC

Y'all, we are SO excited to announce that we're coming to Charlotte, North Carolina in just a few short weeks! We've team up with Denim House to put on a super fun 3-day shopping event just for you. The fun starts Thursday and Denim House has extended their shop hours so come on by to celebrate with Bubbly, Wine & Cheese, just a few of our favorite things! xo





Flower Arranging With Sweet Root Village

 Last week we teamed up with the lovely and ever so talented ladies of Sweet Root Village for a mini flower arranging workshop. We are constantly in awe of Lauren and Rachel and everything they do and have accomplished. Excuse us while we gush a little, but every time we have the chance to work or meet with these two, we leave feeling inspired, more knowledgeable and more confident than we were before. Who wouldn't want to hang out with two people who make you feel like that?!


Getting to spend an entire morning learning tips from these pros on how to design the perfect flower arrangement in our fave ginger jars and chit-chatting about life, work and everything in between was pretty great, not going to lie. We're so excited to be able to give you a little peek into the workshop and share a few things we learned along the way. And of course, we owe a big thank you to Lauren and Rachel for having us! XO


Once the stem of a flower has been cut, it should go directly into the water. If a stem is out of water for too long, the end will "scab" making it nearly impossible to absorb the water it needs. If you periodically trim the stems of the flowers in your arrangement, they will last longer! 


Always remove unnecessary leaves from the flowers stem. Unless they contribute to the arrangement, they're just taking water and energy away from the flower itself. 




If a bloom such as a rose or peony has brown (bruised) outer petals, it doesn't necessarily mean that the flower is dead and it's ok to gently remove them. These outer petals serve as protection to the inner petals during transport!


Before cutting each stem, hold it up to the vase you're using to determine how long or short it should be. It's ok to play it safe by trimming a little bit off at a time until you get it just right! 


The rule of thirds applies to flower arranging too! And in general, groupings of flowers in threes or odd numbers are found to be more attractive to the eye. 


Add greenery last and at the bottom of the arrangement.


Set up a mirror on the other side of the room to keep an eye on your arrangement as you're working. The mirror allows you to see the entire arrangement and easily identify holes or places that need to be edited or tweaked while you work! Lauren's grandmother taught her this trick and we thought it was pretty genius. 


There you have it. We hope this inspires you to pick up some blooms the next time you're out and give arranging them in a unique vase a whirl! 


Photo Credit: Sweet Root Village


Art Happenings

Scheming | Part I

With a fresh new batch of fabrics up on the site (YAY!), we thought we'd share a few of our favorite fabric combinations. It can be really hard to tell which fabrics will pair well together when you're stuck with online image swatches that don't always depict the patterns in the best light. We're working on new gallery images of different fabric pairings as we speak, but in the meantime, here is a digitized look at side-by-side pairings we love. We'd love to hear your feedback on our pillow designer and fabric offerings - comment below or shoot us an e-mail anytime! 



Summer Trends

Like you, we're constantly on the search for inspiration and ideas. Lately we just can't get enough of a few specific trends that aren't necessarily new, but the more we see the more we like and that's just the way it is. Right now, in the midst of summer, these looks are especially appealing as we all find ourselves a little more drawn to bold patterns and bright color palettes. If you could incorporate any of these looks into your own home, which one would you choose?




 Image Credit:

Image Credit:
{Hello new cute flamingo print over on our site!}

Image Credit:



Image Credit:


A Chic & Sophisticated Memphis Home


We hope y'all are ready for this, because it's REALLY good. Memphis native Meade Carlisle is giving us an exclusive look inside her seriously chic home. When you have an accomplished interior designer for a mother, I guess you're bound to pick up lots of tips and tricks along the way.  But when it comes to style and an eye for design, that's something you're born with and this home proves that Meade has the vision. We could not be more excited to share this feature with you and hope you love every detail as much as we do.

Tell us which room is your favorite in the comments below! 


Q: How would you describe your style at home?

Mid-century modern!

Q: What's your favorite piece in your home?

My dining room chairs. They were originally in my grandfather's jewelry store in Memphis. The snow leopard fabric I reupholstered them in makes for an interesting edge. It's fun to have items in your home that tell a story!

Q: What's the one decor item that you can't live without?

I can't live without unusual containers for flowers. I love adding fresh flowers to rooms for a pop of color! 

Q: Where is your favorite spot to relax?

My favorite spot is relaxing on the sectional sofa in our den. It was the first piece of furniture my husband and I bought together when we lived in Washington, DC. We can both lounge in opposite directions while watching TV - it is perfect! 

Q: What's your advice to others trying to decorate their home?

Buy things that speak to you. Just because something is currently in style doesn't mean you have to follow the trend.
Be open to where you shop. Sometimes you can find hidden treasures in the most unlikely places! 

Q: What did you splurge on for your home?

Artwork - I think artwork is so important for homes. It gives a home originality and interest. The quietest of rooms can be brought to life with a striking painting or sculpture. 

Q: If you could add any Mintwood Home item to your space, what would it be?

I adore anything leopard and the leopard wool micro hooked rug would be the perfect addition to my walk-in closet!

Q: What's your go-to home decor resource for inspiration and guidance?

Being educated about the past is essential. My mom has done design since she was my age and has an amazing collection of old design books. I enjoy looking through them for inspiration! I especially admire the work of the famous Albert Hadley. His designs were so simple and sophisticated. Truly his work stands the test of time!
I also get inspiration from period films and TV shows like Mad Men - I wouldn't mind some of Betty Francis's fabulous wardrobe either!


 Photo Credit:

Lauren Pigford // Amie Vanderford

Artist Credit (two paintings in bedroom):

Nate Renner


Inspiring Outdoor Spaces

 Summer's in full swing and on sunny days there's nothing better than an outdoor oasis to escape, unwind and entertain. With that in mind, we wanted to share some inspiration and tips just in time to plan some weekend projects...or pour a glass of rosé and relax out back. 




Photo Credit: 



As Seen On News Channel 3 WREG Memphis!

Y'all, we made the news!! We owe our friend, JJ Keras a HUGE thank you for sharing two of our favorite and festive products with WREG last week. Take a peek at the full segment below!




July 4th Sale!

Blogs & Coffee


Happy Monday! In honor of everyone's favorite day of the week...we're each sharing our five favorite blogs. Many of these blogs were some of the first we ever read and in many ways, planted the seed and paved the way for Mintwood Home. Some you've heard of, some maybe not but we're pretty sure they'll brighten and inspire your Monday just like they've done for us over the years.


Now, can someone please pass the coffee!? 



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