So as many of you might have seen, WE FINALLY LAUCHED E-DESIGN! This is something I have been dreaming of since the start of Mintwood. Throughout Mintwood I have had plenty of smaller design clients, helped friends here and there, but haven’t had the capacity/time to offer design services. I finally feel that after two years of running the shop, we are in a good place and that this is the natural direction for us to go in as a company. Enough about how we got here, let’s get started!


To kick things off, I like to hold an initial consultation via telephone or Facetime to discuss your answers to the questionnaire and your design needs in greater depth. I will ask you to send photos of your space, as well as any links to design inspirations (i.e. Pinterest boards, Houzz, design photos, etc.) that you may have.


E-Design clients will receive a customized E-Design Board that draws from their personal tastes and design needs. This document will serve as a visual storyboard of my vision for your space, and will include recommendations for furniture, lighting, décor pieces & textiles based on our conversations. As requested, I will also create a floor plan representation of your custom design to help you envision how it will fit in the dimensions of your room.


You will receive a full product and shopping list, including clickable links to each item in your custom Design Board. You can order all of the items at once, or at your leisure, making E-Design an even more budget-friendly approach to interior decorating.

August 09, 2016 — Heloise McKee