The Art Shop | Meet Caroline Boykin

We truly never tire of introducing you to wonderful artists here at Mintwood Home. For October, we're very excited to be featuring Caroline Boykin and a collection of paintings that are best described by the artist herself.
"My intent was to capture a feminine essence in this series. Gestural lines, color, and flora are a means to portray the grace of a woman." - Caroline Boykin
Caroline Reehl - Art Shop Feature

Caroline Reehl Boykin has always loved to create. Her childhood on the Alabama coast cultivated her enchantment with art and southern culture. Touches of this admiration of hospitality and southern grander are seen today through her work. 

A summer of studying figure drawing in Florence, Italy led Caroline to know that she wanted to become a full time artist. These dreams later came into fruition after earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Mississippi and a sold out senior thesis show. Caroline's focus was ceramics but she had a true passion for all mediums in art.

Today she lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband Will, bulldog Gus, and sweet baby girl, Leavie. Caroline's art work has been featured in various publications and is in homes all over the US. She creates in many mediums which all in some form represent internal strength and external beauty in women. Texture, color, functionality, and line quality are all important aspects in Caroline's expressive artwork. 

Shop Caroline's original collection of paintings for Mintwood Home here

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Caroline Boykin | Mintwood Art Shop

The Art Shop | Introducing Art By Megan

 We're so pleased to welcome Megan Elizabeth of Art By Megan as our latest Mintwood Art Shop feature. Here's a little glimpse into Megan's life and background as an artist and the many places that she draws inspiration from.


Megan Elizabeth grew up in Maryland just outside of DC, enjoying childhood summers swimming in lakes and spending time at the beach; always exploring outdoors.  Her elegant, feminine and often abstract artwork is inspired by her travels all over the world.  Megan has lived abroad in Spain and traveled much of Europe and the Caribbean, collecting her impressions and memories from each place.  Megan studied both Spanish and Art, which have led to a life full of adventure! She has taught Spanish and Art in DC and Baltimore, while working as an artist part-time and is now pursuing her dream of working primarily as a painter and illustrator.  Megan currently resides in Brooklyn, NY with her family. 

"...I collect memories and turn them into my paintings."

"Inspiration for all of my artwork comes from waterscapes, sunsets, bright colors in nature juxtaposed with neutral tones, and the silhouettes created by extreme light or darkness."


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The Art Shop | Catherine Both

Our artist features have become one of the things we most look forward to sharing with y'all. Whether it's an artist you haven't heard of before or maybe one that you have, it's such a honor to get to work with so many talented artists and to get to know them a little bit along the way! 
This month we're so pleased to introduce, Catherine Arrington Both of Richmond, Virginia. We met Catherine at our Richmond pop-up shop and we were drawn not only to her beautiful artwork but to Catherine herself. Even from a distance you can tell she's a lady with a lot of spunk and creativity and once you get to know her, she's also one of the warmest and kindest people you've ever met. It turns out she's also a Kindergarten teacher by day which makes a whole lot of sense.   Talk about some lucky kids!
Catherine is a state and national award-winning artist.  She earned her BFA degree from Florida State University and did graduate work at the University of Richmond. Catherine has exhibited in numerous galleries and her work hangs in many private, public and corporate collections. Her art is noted for its diversity. In addition to a variety of painting subjects, she has designed and painted murals and furniture.   

Shop our exclusive Catherine Both collection of original paintings, here


"I want to create art that helps people appreciate the beauty in life and heighten one's senses to the ordinary which transcends to the extraordinary."







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Art Happenings

The Art Shop: Ariana Clare

We know what you're probably thinking, hmm...that name sounds familiar. Well that's because this isn't the first time the incredible work of Ariana Clare has graced our website! Ariana is the talented photographer behind much of the photography you see on our site as well as here on the blog. But today, we're excited to get to introduce her as one of our featured artists in The Mintwood Art Shop.


Ariana Clare is an artist, photographer, and stylist who currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this personal series from a recent trip to Italy, Ariana captured her surroundings without pressure to compose or communicate anything more than the beauty in the moment itself. These prints have us daydreaming of warmer weather and the exciting adventures what come with it. We love these prints styled together in a gallery wall, as a stand-alone statement piece in your home, or if you just need a pick-me-up at work today (go away snow!), download one of Ariana's gorgeous desktop wallpaper designs below. 



Our gift to you. 

Download any of the following free desktop wallpapers by Ariana Clare!


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The Mintwood Art Shop: Kristin Blakeney

 A native of North Carolina and now resident of the football reigning Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Kristin Blakeney is on our list of up-and-coming artists to watch out for! Whether it is her paintings, rich in texture and color, or her nudes, simple yet sophisticated in their style, we are big fans of Kristin and think you will be too! 


Q and A with Kristin:


I was raised in Davidson, NC but I currently live in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


I have an appreciation for the classics with a pop of eclectic. I use a wide range of mediums but primarily a mixture of acrylics, ink and charcoals. 


When I travel, I take pictures of everything. I'll print out the photos and wait for something to grab me. I recently did a series of large abstracts focusing on the yellow and umbers in a photo I took of a field in France. I also love talking to the street artists!


I LOVE the Sea Mist Raffia Placemats!


I usually make playlists and they generally consist of Lindsey Sterling, Beach Boys, Feist, Florence + The Machine and a bunch of random 90's jams. Ha!


Favorite or most inspirational place?

Hard! Maybe Florence, Italy…but really anywhere when I travel.


Donate your work! If you're looking for ways to break out and meet new clients…find a nonprofit and offer to donate work towards one of their silent auctions. It's a great way to get your name in front of an audience!

What's the best piece of advice you've been given?

Surround yourself with strong women.

Professionally, what is your goal?

This is my first year to actually sell my work and it's been incredible. I just work and pray towards growth.




The Mintwood Art Shop: Sandra Wright

We haven't had the privilege of meeting Sandra Wright in person (yet!); however, after our first phone call a few weeks ago, it was obvious that she’s one of those special people who has a warmth that crosses all boundaries—you feel like you know her even if you’ve never actually met, or in our case, live a few 1,000 miles apart.

Her art – rich with colors and complex texture - is mesmerizing. That part we knew. What we didn’t know is that her story is just as moving. A few years ago, one of Sandra's three beautiful daughters passed away, and as she recalls,  “I remember praying for God to give me something to help me get through each day. And through my art, He really did. I feel like it just started pouring out.” Her story speaks to the truth and courage that can come out of times of loss and vulnerability.

Painting for Sandra is personal. “Sometimes I feel like my paintings are my little babies—I love knowing where they are going and that they are loved.” And when asked what is her dream job, she says without hesitation, “I feel like I’m living it!”


We could not be more excited to introduce you to the phenomenally talented Sandra Wright!


Q and A with Sandra:

Where are you from?

I'm from Wellington Texas, a small town in the panhandle, but our family has lived in San Antonio for about 20 years.

How do you describe your style of painting?

My style of painting is contemporary. I work with mainly acrylic paints, but use a lot of other materials including roof tar, wood stain, sand, and gold leaf. I will try anything to get the texture I want! 

What are your biggest inspirations for your art?

My family is my biggest inspiration.  Their encouragement, along with the love and support of close friends, are the reason that I started to take my work seriously.  

Fill in the blank/ Art is _______.

Art is an expression of my happy place.

Where does your passion for art come from?

My passion for painting comes from that blank canvas, and knowing it can be's always a fresh start. If something doesn't work, I just start painting over it and "we call that texture!”

Advice to other aspiring artists/creative students?

Just go for it! In art, there are no precise ways of doing something, so just be true to yourself and your passion. The paintings that I love the most are usually the ones that sell the fastest.

The Mintwood Art Shop: Madeleine Frances

Have you ever felt like you were about to watch someone take off? That moment when someone is standing at the edge of the high-dive board about to jump, and deep down you just know that they are about to amaze you with their talent and splash. That is how we feel about Madeleine Frances. Her raw talent, appreciation for beauty, and her new-found entrepreneurial spirit are inspiring. Oh, and not to mention, we're pretty obsessed with her prints!



Q and A with Madeleine:

Where are you from? 

I'm a native of Chevy Chase, Maryland and currently live in Washington, D.C.

In two words, how would you describe your style of painting? 

Whimsical and feminine.

What mediums do you use? 

I mainly use ink and watercolor on paper, but every now and then I throw some colored pencil into the mix. 

Your biggest inspirations? Your favorite artists? 

My biggest inspirations are my parents - in the large scheme of things and in my art. My mom and dad encouraged my siblings and I, from a very young age, to pursue our artistic talents. Handmade birthday and holiday cards were a staple in our household - in fact, I can't remember a time I ever gave my parents a store-bought card. So, over the past couple years when I found myself drawing and painting more, my parents were (as always) my proverbial cheerleaders. 

Our favorite mint door by Madeleine Frances was painted specially for us and is only available at Mintwood Home!

Where does your passion for art come from? 

I've always enjoyed and appreciated art, but it took some time before I realized my own passion. I graduated college in 2012 and jumped into a great job at a lobbying firm in D.C., where I still am working. After several months, I realized I needed a creative outlet so I began drawing. Then drawing turned into painting. I essentially taught myself how to paint with watercolors this past winter and realized I absolutely loved it. That's when the passion kicked in and I found myself rushing home from my day job to paint.

Advice to other aspiring artists/creative students? 

Embrace your own style and develop it.

What’s your favorite Mintwood Home product? 

It's hard to choose just one! I adore the Gold Flying Piggy Bank and the Whino Cocktail Napkins.

What do you like to listen to while your painting? 

I listen to everything from Celine Dion (not joking) to Jame Vincent McMorrow, John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Fleetwood Mac, The Lumineers, Ghost Beach and Shania Twain. You could say, I have a very eclectic taste in music.

Fill in the blank.

Art is meaningful.

Favorite art museum? 

I love National Gallery of Art. Being from the DC area, I have walked through the doors of the National Gallery of Art many times and every time, I see something new.

What is your dream project? 

My dream project would be to design my own planner. Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a very organized person so getting to combine my love for art with my love for organizing would be amazing.

Name 3 artists you would like to be compared to. 

1. Caitlin McGauley

2. Inslee Haynes

3. Happy Menocal

Favorite or most inspirational place? 

This question is surprisingly difficult for me to answer. I find inspiration in so many places - whether it's at home, in D.C., or the strikingly-beautiful cities of Europe. Barcelona, hands down, is one of my very favorite places in the world.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

The best piece of advice I've been given is that whatever you give power to in your mind, is what will be. 

Professionally, what’s your goal? 

The exciting part of all of this, is that I don't know what path lays ahead. I would like to one day expand from selling original art and prints to other items, like note cards, calendars, planners and jewelry trays. I have many ideas, but have to remind myself to take one step at a time.