We know what you're probably thinking, hmm...that name sounds familiar. Well that's because this isn't the first time the incredible work of Ariana Clare has graced our website! Ariana is the talented photographer behind much of the photography you see on our site as well as here on the blog. But today, we're excited to get to introduce her as one of our featured artists in The Mintwood Art Shop.


Ariana Clare is an artist, photographer, and stylist who currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. In this personal series from a recent trip to Italy, Ariana captured her surroundings without pressure to compose or communicate anything more than the beauty in the moment itself. These prints have us daydreaming of warmer weather and the exciting adventures what come with it. We love these prints styled together in a gallery wall, as a stand-alone statement piece in your home, or if you just need a pick-me-up at work today (go away snow!), download one of Ariana's gorgeous desktop wallpaper designs below. 



Our gift to you. 

Download any of the following free desktop wallpapers by Ariana Clare!