Discover the Magic of Annie Selke: Elevating Your Home Decor with Stylish and Functional Products

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About Annie selke

Annie Selke is a renowned designer known for creating stylish home decor, bedding, and rugs that combine function with style. Her brand features several sub-brands, including Pine Cone Hill, Dash & Albert, fresh American, and Annie Selke Outlet. Each sub-brand has its unique features that cater to different design sensibilities.

Annie Selke Brands

Pine Cone Hill focuses on bedding, rugs, and home decor, blending pops of bold colors with calming neutrals. Dash & Albert specializes in indoor and outdoor rugs, with a variety of designs and textures perfect for any space. Fresh American features casual and colorful home decor and textiles that are versatile and easy to style. The Annie Selke Outlet offers high-quality products at discounted prices for budget-conscious shoppers.

At Mintwood Home, we offer a variety of Annie Selke products suitable for any design style. Here are some tips on how to incorporate Annie Selke products into your home decor.

  • Mix Textures and Patterns

    • Annie Selke's products offer a variety of textures and patterns. Mix and match patterns and textures, such as a Pine Cone Hill duvet cover with a Dash & Albert rug for an eclectic and cozy look.

  • Add Color

    • Annie Selke's products are known for their bold, vibrant colors. Mix bright-colored throw pillows or curtains with neutral furniture to add a pop of color to any room.

  • Create Contrast with Black and White

    • Black and white can add a touch of elegance to any room. Try layering a Dash & Albert black and white rug under a colorful Pine Cone Hill bedding set, creating a beautiful contrasting effect.

  • Layer Accessories

    • Accessories can add the perfect finishing touch to any space. Mix and match fresh American home decor accessories, such as throw pillows, blankets, and wall art, for a cohesive and stylish look.

Annie Selke's Products

Here at Mintwood Home we carry a wide selection of Annie Selke products! Here are some of our favorites:

Boyfriend Matelasse/Coverlet - Available in colors like White, Sky, Slipper Pink, Ivory, and Grey, this matelassé coverlet adds a cozy and textured touch to your bedding.

Diamond Indoor/Outdoor Rug - This versatile rug is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. It comes in various color combinations such as Fieldstone & Ivory, Graphite & Ivory, Khaki & White, Light Blue & Ivory, and Platinum & White.

Herringbone Woven Cotton Rug - Available in colors like Indigo, Swedish Blue, Dove Grey, Coral Ocean, Shale, and Stone, this rug adds a touch of interest and texture to your floors. Prices start at $12.00.

Ines Linen Duvet Cover - Crafted from luxurious linen fabric, this duvet cover features a beautiful pattern in shades of blue. Prices start at $524.00.

Leopard Micro Hooked Wool Rug - Add a touch of animal print to your space with this micro hooked wool rug. It's available in various sizes and starts at $15.00.

Stone Washed Linen Duvet Cover - Made from soft and cozy washed linen, this duvet cover in a classic white shade adds a relaxed and elegant vibe to your bedroom. Prices start at $448.00.

Annie Selke's products are both stylish and functional, adding a touch of personality to every home. From bold colors and patterns to elegant simplicity, Annie Selke has something for everyone. Shop Mintwood Home's collection of Annie Selke products today and create a beautiful and unique home decor that suits your style.