We couldn't think of a better person (and home!) to kick off our Home Tour features with than Dria Murphy, the Style and Communications Director at Keep. A true force to be reckoned with in the fashion and technology industry, Dria's NYC studio apartment exudes style and charm.  It's effortless, comfortable and while small, every piece serves a purpose. It's the kind of space that makes you want to stay for awhile, nothing is overdone or overly trendy, it just feels like home.


We sat down with Dria a few weeks ago in her West Village neighborhood for a little Q and A about how she put her space together and what she learned along the way.

Q: How would you describe your style at home?

I wanted to keep most of the décor shades of white to give the space as much depth as possible. Yellow is one of my favorite colors so I wanted to bring it in as a fun accent. I am a very organized person and hate clutter so I made sure everything had a place and it didn’t feel overwhelming. 


Clearly I am fashion-obsessed and love shopping! (Working at a shopping focused company doesn’t help!) Since my apartment is a small space I was very conscious of not making it feel like an extended closet. I really wanted to use the high ceilings to my advantage. This is where the custom closet came in. I looked at several armoires but didn’t find any that filled the space in an efficient way. I designed a custom closet so I could store parts of my off-season wardrobe high up. I also used my handbags and accessories as part of my décor to save space. I display my Chanel and Balenciaga on my shelf to use the space efficiently. I set up my jewelry all over my desk and organize it depending on my mood. (I definitely store shoes in my oven, thanks for the tip SJP!)


Q: What's your favorite spot/room in your home?

Well since I live in a studio, I don't have many spots to choose from. I would have to say the space as a whole because it's all mine. Being able to live alone in my favorite area of Manhattan makes up for the small space. I love having my own apartment to come home to. New York City is so social and busy, that is what I love about it, but being able to retreat to my own space (even small) allows for alone time I need to recharge. 

Q: What did you splurge on for your home?

Putting in a custom closet was definitely a splurge but I look at it as more of necessity. 


Q: What's your least favorite piece in your home?

I'm not in love with my coffee table. It came from my old apartment and totally works but I am definitely on the look out for something new that makes more of a statement! 

Q: What's your favorite piece in your home?

My headboard is one of my favorite pieces in my apartment because I feel like it brings that part of the room together and definitely adds to the cozy vibe. I also got it on sale, which makes everything better, right?


Q: Speaking of your bed, what's under it?

Clothes and more clothes! This is where I store a lot of my off season clothing. So right now it consists of bathing suits, sun dresses and sandals! 


Q: What's your advice to others trying to decorate a small space?

Organization! I think being organized in a small space is essential otherwise it looks messy and even smaller. You have to be creative in a small space because your décor choices have to serve a function too!

Q: What's the one home decor item you cannot live without?

My Candles. I have Diptque and Cire Trvdon scattered throughout the apartment because not only do they smell amazing, they look gorg!


Q: If You Could add any Mintwood Home item to your space, what would it be?

That is such a tough one! Can I say everything? I think the Chelsea Bar Cart would look chic in front of my fireplace for entertaining and would give my living room space a different feel. I also would love the Gold Bamboo Etagere next to my bed. I think breaking up all the white furniture could change up the space! 


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Styling & Design by Casey DeBois for Homepolish and Dria Murphy  //  
Photos by Claire Esparros for Homepolish
February 19, 2015 — Caroline Lawler