Oh yes, we have jumped on the Ikea Hack bandwagon with two feet.


Since Mintwood Home is a startup and we don't sell a ton of furniture (yet!), it's a constant struggle to furnish scenes for our photo shoots. We've tried a few different routes since we started including pulling pieces from our own homes (we still do this) and borrowing from dear friends but the truth is, it's difficult to keep each photo shoot feeling fresh and different when we're using all the same furniture over and over again. For this past photo shoot, Ikea Hacks were a total game changer and enabled us to easily switch things up for some of our shots. We're never ones to shy away from a little DIY and if we have learned anything over the past seven months it's that there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that a can of gold spray paint can't fix. 


Photo shoots aside, the struggle is real no matter who you are or what you do. Furnishing every square inch of a home is hard and Ikea Hacks are an affordable alternative to the furniture wearing up to four figure price tags. Dare we say that sometimes we even like the hacked versions better than the real thing?! See below to decide for yourself! 
Get the look by clicking here
Get the look by clicking here
Get the look* by clicking here
*Sadly the table used for this hack is no longer available at Ikea but we think this table could be used instead! 


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April 27, 2015 — Caroline Lawler