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February 14, 2017

Tricks of the Trade

  1. Coffee Table: Your coffee table should be 2 to 4 inches below the height of your sofa seat and just about 18 inches of space should be left between the sofa and the table. 

  2. Bedside Table: Each nightstand should be the same height as the bed or a little taller. 

  3. Rug sizes: When measuring for a rug, the key elements to consider are furniture legs and where they will sit. The legs of each seating element (i.e. sofa, chair) should be either fully on the rug or at least placed with the front legs on the rug. The same goes for the dining room pieces. You want the entire dining set on the rug while also allowing for a couple feet on each end of the rug after the furniture is placed. This way no one will have half on/half off unstable chairs at the dinner table!

  4. Paint: Eggshell is always the best finish for walls (a bold statement, but we’re standing by it). It’s matte with a little sheen and reflects light well. BUT, it’s hard to clean. So, in bathrooms use satin. Satin wipes clean and reflects light well. (Maybe use in the kids’ rooms as well—make your life a little easier with the cleaning thing). We also prefer flat paint on ceilings. Cabinets are always done in a semi-gloss—durable and easy to clean. 

  5. Hanging Art: The center of the piece should be around 58" from the ground.
  1. Curtains: Hang curtains closer to the ceiling than the to the top of the window. This will draw the eye up and makes the ceiling seem taller. 
  2. Mantle: When hanging things above the mantle, as a general rule of thumb leave seven inches between the mantle and the bottom of what you are hanging.
  3. If you really need help, hire a professional! We offer E-Design packages and in person designer services to those in the DMV area! Click the link below to read more.               

February 03, 2017


1. Elements Of Style | Erin Gates
Erin has the best style. I love her look--she even has her own line now! Her coffee table book is hysterical, I laughed out loud and learned a ton. A definite must read and a must have for your own coffee table.
2. Little Green NotebookJenny Komenda
I have been following Jenny for years--really for as long as I can remember. Not only does she have a great look that is modern and fresh, but I also learn so much reading her blog. I love to DYI things and she really teaches you how. She dyed curtains a couple a years ago--I'm still waiting to do that one day. 
3. Bliss at Home - Kristin Cadwallader 
Kristin might just be the sweetest blogger out there. I had been following her for a while when I reached out to collaborate. She is extremely professional and does everything she says she is going to do! The way she uses black and leopard in rooms is just so chic.
4. Hunted Interior | Kristin Jackson 
She does the best job helping you find your own style why doing it on a budget. Her ideas are totally original and fun. Love her use of color.
5. The Zhush | Sue de Chiara
Sue always has the best pictures and her posts are oh so inspiring. I was swooning over her recent post about wallpaper. I don't know where she finds all her images, but they will
6. Cuckoo 4 Design | Julia 
Nothing like a little European inspiration, right? Julia is from Germany and living in the US. Her overall neutral color pallet is to die for: chic mastered.
7. Young House Love | John & Sherry
John & Sherry have fixed up multiple houses and have the absolute go-to blog for home DIY projects. (I've mentioned my love for DIY, right?)
8. JWS Interiors | Jennifer Wagner Schmidt
Every single morning I look forward to 10 am when I receive her email. Always swoon-worthy. Like Mintwood Home, Jennifer is also based out of DC!
9. Shannon Claire Interiors | Shannon Claire Smith 
Another local DC designer, Shannon's talent shines through from her blog. Check out her One Room Challenge post if you're looking for house #goals. Everything she touches turns to gold.

10. Simple Stylings | Summer Hogan
I met Summer this past year and was introduced to her blog. She does the best job writing about real life and uses that simple style to decorate a home for your family. I love all of her posts!


January 31, 2017

New Year, New You: Getting Organized

Organization makes people happy. It’s proven! We’re serious—there are actually health benefits to being organized. Feast your eyes on this clutter-free, pretty & practical organization inspo (and tips of the trade).



These can either be a cluttery eyesore or completely make a space.


  1. Color grouping: Try grouping books of similar shades together. You don’t need to go overboard here, group colors that complement each other or belong in the same color family.
  2. Bins & boxes: For storage, use some cute bins or boxes. We love this Agate Glass Box Set for cleanly displaying some of your pretties!
  3. Keep it simple: We’re getting organized, remember? Avoid placing too many knick-knacks or supplies throughout your shelving. That’s what the bins are for!

    Image via BookBub

    Image via BookBub

    Image via Mintwood Home


Trays are great for organizing the things you have to have in an area, while still keeping the space neat and polished.


  1. In the coffee table tray you can store the remotes, candle, coasters, etc. Have a lot on your coffee table? Use a few!
    2. In the bathroom, trays are great for perfumes, soaps, and extra toiletries.
    3. By the door, place your keys in a tray and they’ll always have a home!
    4. On your nightstand: books, lamp, candle--voila!

                              Image via Erika Bretchel

                              Image via The Everygirl

                              Image via The Everygirl

    Shop trays here.


Bar Carts:
They're everywhere. Bar carts are the perfect way to store and display all your spirits and glasses.


  1. Mix it up. Add some greenery, some of your favorite knick-knacks, cocktail napkins, etc.
  2. Have a plan. Maybe use trays to divide your cart into zones, so you have a place for the essentials,: glassware, bottles, etc. Organization, meet style.

                             Image via Style Me Pretty

                                    Image via Domino
    Shop for the bar here.


Who wants to work in a cluttered space? No one.


  1. Make sure your work area is well lit! You’ll get more done, and your eyes will thank you. Check out our lamps here.
  2. Hang up some inspiration boards. This way you can organize all those samples, articles, photos, etc. you’ve been hanging onto, and they can provide a fun backdrop to your work-space.
  3. Storage containers are your friend. File away all the paperwork that always ends up piled on your desk. Bonus—you’ll know where everything is!

                              Image via Alice Lane

          Image via The Everygirl


January 17, 2017

Blue & White, Done Totally Right

Certain things, they just don’t go out of style. Classic blue and white décor has stood the test of time, since Chinese porcelain used for decoration made its debut in the 14th century. (That’s 700 years, y’all). We’re giving tips on blue and white décor and how to add them into your home.


  1. Wallpaper

In the bedroom, powder room, living area—we’ve been spending lots of time swooning over blue and white wallpaper samples lately. Wallpaper makes such a statement and is a classy and elegant way to add color to your space. Sidenote: Our founder, Heloise, recently wallpapered her bathroom in classic blue and white, and we are low-key obsessed. Check out our Instagram for recent photos.

(Image: Fresh Design Pedia)

Shop wallpaper here.

  1. Ginger Jars

If you’ve spent any time on our site, you may have noticed our love for ginger jars. On bookshelves, on the floor—can’t stop, won’t stop. Group these eye-catching beauties on the floor or table or use them to as accent pieces. I think our favorite way is as a floral vase. Try some blue or white hydrangeas. *Swoon*.

(Image: Tobi Fairley)


(Image: South Shore Decorating Blog)

PS – We love this fun blue and white and animal print combo. Check out our favorite animal print pillow here.

(Image: One Kings Lane)

(Image: Decor Pad)            

Shop Ginger Jars here, here & here!

  1. Rugs

There’s nothing quite like a great blue and white rug. Find the perfect one, then keep the rest of the décor simple and classy. We love a blue and white rug paired with a gold coffee table. Can it get much more gorgeous?

(Image: Decor Pad)

PS – Looking for a gorgeous coffee table to complement that new rug? We can help. This one is a favorite.

 Shop our blue and white rugs here!

  1. Lamps

We love the way a lamp can add a bold pop of color. Try bold blues, classy whites, or blue and white patterns to bring style to your bedside or side table.

(Image: Tobi Fairley)

Shop our fun blue and white lamps here.

  1. Bedding

Looking for simple and easy ways to refresh your bedroom? New bedding, please. This blue and white cool color combination will transform your bedroom into the sanctuary you’ve always dreamed of.

(Image: Citrine Living)

 Shop bedding here!

  1. Pillows

Pillows—they’re kind of (totally) our thing. Add them to the couch, chairs, your bed. And, you’re in luck—we make them completely custom, utterly fit for your space. Design your own, here.


(Image: Euro Home Style)

Can't get enough of them? Shop pillows here.

December 13, 2016

Laura Hooper Calligraphy x Mintwood Home

August 18, 2016

It's Here...WALLPAPER!


My home really needed it! Earlier this month I got to do one of the things I have always dreamed of as a home owner. I wallpapered a room. Well just the bathroom, but still it was a major moment for me! Here are some images from that day.

We had to put it up on the wall to check it out first!

He had to take down the hardware, the mirror, even part of the toilet.




 Action Shot!


 Almost done!


Finished Product! I am totally in love with it. It only took an hour to put it up. What room would you like to wallpaper?


August 09, 2016

E Design with Mintwood Home

So as many of you might have seen, WE FINALLY LAUCHED E-DESIGN! This is something I have been dreaming of since the start of Mintwood. Throughout Mintwood I have had plenty of smaller design clients, helped friends here and there, but haven’t had the capacity/time to offer design services. I finally feel that after two years of running the shop, we are in a good place and that this is the natural direction for us to go in as a company. Enough about how we got here, let’s get started!


To kick things off, I like to hold an initial consultation via telephone or Facetime to discuss your answers to the questionnaire and your design needs in greater depth. I will ask you to send photos of your space, as well as any links to design inspirations (i.e. Pinterest boards, Houzz, design photos, etc.) that you may have.


E-Design clients will receive a customized E-Design Board that draws from their personal tastes and design needs. This document will serve as a visual storyboard of my vision for your space, and will include recommendations for furniture, lighting, décor pieces & textiles based on our conversations. As requested, I will also create a floor plan representation of your custom design to help you envision how it will fit in the dimensions of your room.


You will receive a full product and shopping list, including clickable links to each item in your custom Design Board. You can order all of the items at once, or at your leisure, making E-Design an even more budget-friendly approach to interior decorating.

August 02, 2016

Holly Mabry Poole Art Shop

This New Orleans artist is the next big deal in the art world, and you heard it here first, folks. I met Holly Mabry Poole at High Point Market in April. My Mom was the one who spotted her work through another showroom, and she immediately asked if we could go check it out once we were done. We took two steps into the showroom and were in awe of her beautiful pieces - we would have taken at least one home with us, but most of them had already sold! After chatting with Holly for a few minutes, I knew that I had to feature her in our art shop. We love Holly's work and feel honored to have such a talented artist on our site. 


Holly is a New Orleans native. She attended the University of Mississippi and is a graduate of Louisiana State University. She earned her master’s degree in Speech and Language Pathology and is currently employed as a full-time speech therapist for Affiliated Rehab, but she enjoys painting on the side.

 Four Unframed


“Art is my way of escaping the craziness of life and getting zoned into my passion of painting.”


Holly has always had a lifelong passion for painting and interior design.  As a self-taught artist, Holly draws inspiration from the natural environment and the love and support from her family and friends.  Each layer of her designs portrays Holly’s optimistic outlook on life through the use of diverse textures, shapes, and colors.  Her signature gold leaf and bold gold stripes on the side of each painting makes each piece original. 


Framed 4                       Framed3


Click Here To Shop Holly's Work

April 04, 2016

Lanie Mann Art Shop

The first time we met Lanie Mann was at her home studio in Georgetown and it was pretty much love at first sight. From the gorgeous paintings on almost every wall to the effortless decor throughout her home, we didn't ever want to leave. Lanie herself could not be a more warm and genuine person, we could have chatted with her all day without even noticing the time passing. And did we mention the adorable coffee station she had set up for us? 


 Lanie's artwork is colorful and inspiring and we are so happy to get to share it with you today! Keep scrolling to learn more about Lanie and her artwork or click here to start shopping! 


Lanie Mann Art | Mintwood Home
Photography by Helen Norman


 I was raised in North Carolina where my mother, an artist and art teacher, filled my childhood with projects and books and conversations about color and composition. Later, I took studio classes, studied art history and lived abroad in Florence where my passion for painting became clear.

I am inspired daily by the beauty in nature, photography, fashion and interiors and am drawn to colors and arrangements that are clean, fresh and balanced.
Lanie Mann Art | Mintwood Home | Photo by Helen Norman
Photography by Helen Norman


 My preferred mediums are acrylic, oil, watercolor and ink, and I use canvases of all sizes to explore color and energy in abstract pieces, to capture light in sea and landscapes and to reflect the spirit of children in unposed moments and natural settings. 

My paintings are loose and layered—purposely imperfect, and my goal is to create pieces that spark connections, ignite curiosity and make people happy. I am an optimistic person by nature, so I want my work to be bright, uplifting and invigorating. I think art should breathe life into every space.
Lanie Mann Art | Mintwood Home | Photography by Helen Norman

 Photography by Helen Norman


I currently live in Washington, D.C., with my husband, twin sons and daughter and though I never know where life or my art will take me next, I’m always excited to find out.

Lanie Mann Art | Mintwood HomeClick here to shop the above paintings and more!  

March 18, 2016

Designer Spotlight | Beth Barden

It's been a little while since our last designer spotlight but we're so excited to be back at it and welcoming one our favorites, Beth Barden of designPost Interiors! Keep scrolling to check out Beth's favorite MWH picks and her tips for incorporating these pieces at home. (Click product images to shop!)

Mintwood Home Designer Spotlight | Beth Barden


The Bamboo Trolley Bar Cart


Concept Photo Design & Styling by Beth Barden // Photography by Ariana Clare // Bamboo Trolley Bar Cart

Picos Lumbar Pillow


Concept Photo Design & Styling by Beth Barden // Photography by Ariana Clare // Picos Lumbar Pillow 


Juniper Briggs close-up abstract face print

Concept Photo Design & Styling by Beth Barden // Photography by Ariana Clare // Gertrude Close-Up Abstract Print by Juniper Briggs

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